Q: How does pay get sorted without signed timesheets?

A: We’re aware that on many occasions, drivers return from a shift at odd hours when regular office staff aren’t available to sign timesheets. We just ask that you keep an accurate, honest record of your hours, and send them in to the office either by e-mail, text or by this website’s form.  Hours are submitted to clients for approval, they use a combination of tachograph printouts, vehicle tracking software and gatehouse records to verify hours with us. Disagreements are virtually unheard of. The system works very well.

Q: I only want 2 or 3 days per week driving work as I’m semi-retired. Can I choose which days I can work each week?

A: Yes, you only need to nominate the days you want to work on any given following week by the Thursday evening of the current week. All we ask is that if you give your availability as , say, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of a particular week, that you stick to it. Much of our planning is 3 or 4 days in advance.

Q: Do you ever guarantee work to drivers?

A: No, work can never be guaranteed as this is the nature of agency work, however, once you have been working with us for more than a few weeks as a regular 5-day per week driver, it is unusual for no work to be available. Remember also that this arrangement means you are free to turn down any assignment that isn’t suitable in terms of time or nature of work. Once we become accustomed to our drivers’ work patterns and preferences, we find everything settles into a mutualy rewarding routine.

Q: I sometimes work for another agency, is that allowed?

A: Yes, although it might cause complications with your PAYE tax code. However if you do work with other agencies, please bear in mind:

  • Please don’t work for the same client via two agencies. E.g. Bloggs Haulage for us on Monday then again at the same company through our competitor in the same week.  It can cause invoice complications and awkward conflicts of interest.
  • You declare to us the hours you have worked for other employers within the same weekly working period, and keep a record of your average working hours for the working time directive regulations, including Periods of Availability.

Q: Do you provide Driver CPC training?

A: We don’t, but we definitely recommend a company in Derby that we know to have a professional reputation, our own drivers have taken driver training and CPC training at: